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Klarna approached us to help them host their Partner Day event. Due to the pandemic, Klarna wasn’t able to host this event in person and sought a digital solution that would enable them to still connect with their partners. Bombora proposed creating a virtual event that would feel true to Klarna’s brand for its 250 guests. We created a multi-room experience on a virtual event player that would engage guests in an exciting, sensory and memorable way that bridged the real and virtual world.

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What We Did

Our team devised a solution that enabled Klarna to connect with its partners and senior employees in an interactive and engaging way. We made sure that the virtual event was packed with experiences including a branded presenters stage, TikTok dance class, celebrity bingo and DJ sets. We also took care of all the technical logistics, including pre-recordings, remote videos and live studio streaming whilst adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. Using robotic remotely operated cameras, our team was able to film the event at a safe distance whilst maintaining production quality.

To build anticipation and buzz, we conceptualised a Klarna unboxing experience to send to all the attendees. This included an event agenda along with elements that would be used during the event experiences, such as branded sweatbands, t-shirts and face masks as well as drinks. Creating these gift boxes for all the attendees allowed us to bridge the gap between the digital and physical space, bringing a sense of unity to all of the attendees by engaging them with their gifts.

Assisting with the event production process, Bombora acted as a consultant for the experiential features of Klarna’s Partner Day. For the music segments, we arranged for Fun Lovin’ Criminals’, DJ Fast to pre record his DJ sets from home. These sets were then edited prior to the event and streamed as live on the day of the event, providing pre-event and post event entertainment for audiences. The TikTok dance class consisted of pre-recorded and live elements. featuring pre-recorded videos of Klarna employees doing a dance for the stream combined with live teaching from an established dance teacher from Pineapple Studios.

To elevate the production quality and give attendees the best experience, we created a custom set design. Taking the Klarna brand guidelines, we worked with our designer to create a bespoke set that brought Klarna to life in the digital realm. We produced two different sets to engage with the audience and make them feel as if they were a part of something unique and special. Two custom sets were created: one for the main set, where the live host interacted and engaged in real time, and one for the entertainment segments, where stand-up comedy and bingo were hosted.

Our virtual events platform enabled guests to interact with each other through the multi-room session. The Hello room gave guests an opportunity to get to know each other with pre-submitted introduction videos whilst the chat stream enabled them to network and talk in real time. The Celebrity Bingo was hosted in a group session which also enabled our host Rob Beckett to interact and see the guests from home, creating a more two-sided conversation between the host and guests.


The event was a resounding success with many of the audience members actively participating and interacting throughout the course of the day. Many attendees commented on the ‘virtual fun’ throughout the day, including the TikTok dance class, DJ set and ‘the funniest bingo’ they’ve been involved in. Attendees shared their experience across their social media feeds after the event, calling the Partner Day entertaining and insightful. The event also received a 100% Net Promoter Score from attendees which measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others. Klarna was delighted with the results and arranged for two additional virtual experiences.

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