Hybrid Events

At Bombora, we’ve been setting up, producing and live streaming hybrid events for over 10 years. 

We offer live filming services at the location of your choice and can livestream your event worldwide, allowing you to hold your physical event as well as reach an unlimited number of viewers online.

What are the benefits of hybrid events? 

Streaming your live event to an online audience can help you expand your audience globally in a cost-efficient way, helping you to reach participants who would otherwise be unable to attend. 

  • Increase engagement globally by inviting people to attend your live event virtually
  • Create a memorable physical live event for those that can attend
  • Create a virtual experience that makes your online audience feel part of the event and just as valuable as those physically attending

Our hybrid events process

Our producers will help you at every stage of the process, creating a bespoke hybrid event that is tailored to your business’s needs. We will propose and deliver a plan that ensures that your virtual audience will be just as engaged as your physical attendees. This may involve creating additional virtual experiences such as breakout rooms, networking, cocktail hours, or sending bespoke party packs. 

The set at your live event, designed by our creative team will be complemented by consistent branding and onscreen visuals for your virtual audience. The setup, technical logistics and filming will all be managed by our experienced team who will take care of the entire event production. 

Before your event

Our team will take the time to understand your goals for your event, launching a pre-production planning process to create your ideal hybrid event. Our crew will arrange a recce of your location and assess for live streaming capabilities as well as filming logistics and set design. We’ll work with your team to design and build the perfect event, devising creative concepts and interactive elements. Depending on the type of event you’re looking to host, we’ll help you to create an agenda that will engage both your audiences (physical and virtual) and will work within your budget. 

We’ll take care of the live event production aspects including:

  • Designing and building your set
  • Providing a professional film crew and equipment
  • Setting up interactive activities and rooms for your virtual audience

We’ll take care of the online technical aspects including:

  • Technical planning and  delivery of your event
  • Designing and building a custom virtual event tailored to your audience
  • Designing and managing the registration process for your online audience
  • Create pre-recorded assets to include within your live event 
  • Run tech tests to ensure the technical safety of your event 

We can also: 

  • Develop event campaign communications to increase your online audience
  • Curate branded merchandising for audiences – both live and virtual
  • Design branded online graphics packages, including in-show animation and design elements. Find out more.
  • Provide on location catering and hospitality
  • Source presenters or speakers

During your event

During your event our team will ensure that your hybrid event is filmed professionally at broadcast quality. It will then be live streamed seamlessly using our virtual events platform. Our team will manage all the virtual  interactive sessions including Q&A’s, breakout rooms and team activities as well as being on hand on location to keep your team up to date and answer any questions.

Our technical team will: 

  • Ensure that your online audience gets the best quality video stream for their connection.
  • Moderate questions coming from your audience for Q&A sessions
  • Answer any technical questions and troubleshoot any issues that your audience may experience
  • Manage all virtual interactive sessions

After your event

Our team will provide you with an analytics report to measure the ROI on your hybrid event, along with a high resolution copy of your event. We can also repurpose your recorded stream for on-demand content, as well as a video featuring interviews with speakers, highlights from your keynote sessions and additional exclusive content from your event. Find out more.

Planning a hybrid event? Bombora can help! Get in touch to arrange a call.