Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs about Bombora, a live streaming agency specialising in webinars, virtual events and hybrid events, based in central London. Need to know more? Get in touch to arrange a call.

Webinars are online seminars which provide a unique chance for your company to communicate with their employees and clients in a new and exciting format. Webinars can be made live or on-demand, taking the form of a presentation, discussion, lecture or conference. 

Webcasts are designed to reach broader audiences, providing a broadcast quality finish to your project. Whereas webinars allow for real-time discussion and interactions, webcasts help your events come to life and expand your reach.

Webinars can benefit your business in a number of ways: 

  • They can keep you connected with your clients and customers 
  • They can be used for smaller scale events, such as training and and professional development, improving internal communications with your employees
  • With live discussion and Q&A features, webinars enable you to connect with participants virtually anywhere in real-time.
  • During and after a webinar, attendee analytics will enable you to see how engaged your audience is and tailor future webinars based on the insights. 
  • They’re also a great way to reach your audience remotely during this precautious time

Webinars can be extremely effective in achieving a number of different goals for your business. They can:

  • Increase your engagement with employees and clients 
  • Improve internal communications 
  • Grow your audience
  • Generate new leads
  • Drive sales

You can pre-record your webinar or webcast and then live stream the video on a chosen date, or you can broadcast your webinar live on the same day.

A virtual event is a large-scale online event which takes place instead of a physical event, such as a conference or expo. These can include a virtual lobby, multiple speakers, individual panels and breakout sessions. Using webcasts and webinars, virtual events will be highly interactive and enable your business to emulate the features of a physical event. 

Alternatively, a simpler virtual event can include a series of scheduled panels and speeches using separate.

The large scale nature of virtual events means that you can host events such as:

  • Virtual open days
  • Virtual conferences
  • Virtual career fairs
  • Virtual trade shows

A social media live stream is a webinar or webcast streamed directly to your social media channels. It is a simpler process which allows you to use an existing social media account, however the interactive features will be dependent on the platform.

You can choose to host an audio webinar with your slides if you would prefer to. This way, you won’t have to worry about presenting on video and can instead focus on delivering a smooth audio presentation.

Bombora uses a video conference platform and our vision mixing software to pull in each speaker separately as either audio or video. Our professional software gives us greater control over the audio and video, allowing us to manage the remote contributors smoothly and enable real time interactions. We will run tests prior to your webinar to make sure that all technical issues are ironed out and that your webinar runs smoothly on the day.

The Bombora team is happy to advise you for free on which option is best for your project’s needs. Whatever your goal, call us to chat through your ideas.

Our studios are conveniently located in central London. You can find us in Clerkenwell,  just a short walk from Farringdon Station.