At Our Studio

In our central London studio, Bombora’s experienced production team can provide a full in-house service using high spec technology. Whether you’re looking to create webinars, webcasts, or live streams we can produce broadcast quality content from our own studio and green room.

Bombora studio with green screen

Production Process

Our multi-camera facilities have versatile setups which suit any style of broadcasting and can be tailored to meet your project’s needs. With our greenscreen capabilities, you can choose from studio backgrounds consistent with your branding, whilst our vision and audio mixers will ensure that your video is reliably edited. We’ll also be able to bring your content to life with branded graphics packages and animation features.

Studio set up
Camera close up studio for webinars

Our complimentary green room allows you to entertain your clients whilst we take care of the production of your event. As it is connected to the studio, you can view exactly what happens on camera with our live monitor and feel assured that your project is in safe hands.

Talk show studio set up