Webinars provide a creative and unique platform to share your business expertise or knowledge – and deliver it with a personal touch. They are the go-to training and marketing tool for businesses and organisations. Why?

  • Convenient – watch anytime and anywhere.
  • Cost effective – Re-usable content that can widen your reach and expand your audience.
  • Interactive – By using Q&As, polls, slide synching and rich media, webinars create memorable, engaging audience experiences. 

We offer bespoke webinar services including:

  • Slide & video integration
  • Fully branded registration, landing page & email reminders
  • Real time & post event analytics
  • Q&A, polls & feedback surveys
  • 1 year on demand hosting


At Bombora, we take care of the whole process, individually tailoring our services for each client’s specific requirements. We will help you choose the right medium for your content; provide a hosting player with built-in interactive tools; make sure everything goes to plan on the day; and ensure you realise maximum potential from your webinar, even when it’s over.


Registration and Webinar Pages

Webinars aren’t just about the filming, preparing the hosting player for broadcast is vital. The webinar registration page and the webinar page are the first web pages your audience will see, so it’s important to get it right. As part of Bombora’s pre- production services, we can do just that, ensuring the first impression is a good one.

Webinar packages on offer:

  • Live streaming
  • On demand
  • Pre recorded