Training Video Production

At Bombora we offer a wide range of video production services in and around London. This includes a comprehensive Training Video Production / e-Learning Video Production service. 

We are helping more and more training video providers to deliver online presentation based learning with videos that are redefining the virtual classroom experience. Typically used for CPD, we help our clients educate, train and examine people by bringing their subjects to life with a combination of visually arresting video and engaging infographics. Our broadcast software complements your e-learning video by allowing you to track attendance, and review attendee interaction and completion.

Training videos help our clients strike the balance between providing a mass training and testing solution, at a relatively low cost, and with a personalised feel. Available as a live-stream from your website, we can also help you house these videos, providing you with an instantly accessible library.

If you are looking for a professional production company to help with the creation of training videos, or conference filming, regardless of the audience or purpose, then we can help. 

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