There are four basic webinar structures/formats:

Number one – The one speaker format

Number two – The interview structure

Number three – The moderated approach

Number four – The interactive approach

Find out more about these structures / formats below or by watching this video.

There are four basic webinar structures/formats:

Number one – The one speaker format. A single presenter fields questions from the audience. This is the most simple and cost-effective approach.

Number two is the interview structure – the interviewer on screen asks the interviewee a set of predetermined questions. Because as people we’re naturally drawn to conversation, this is a much more free-flowing approach that encourages audience members to interact with their own questions.

The third structure is the moderated approach – A moderator acts as the chair for the discussion, keeping the webinar focused and on-topic. This is particularly effective for discussions of two or more participants, where multiple voices and viewpoints come together.

All of these three can be made more engaging through the use of communication tools such as: telephones, instant messaging, social media and video conferencing such as Skype.

The fourth and final format is the interactive approach. This can take any of the three formats outlined above, but is essentially a facilitated audience-led discussion. This format can offer you a much more relevant understanding of the user, because the users choose the topics.

Using analytics, we can measure your audience engagement and determine the best webinar structure for you.

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