When speaking to an audience in a webinar the experience of presenting in a studio is very different to other forms of public speaking.

Here are some tips to make sure your webinar presentation runs smoothly.
  1. Always start prepared. Know your topic and research your content. If you are using an autocue make sure you know the pace of your speaking and imagine the camera is a person you are talking to.
  2. Visualise your brand presence on the webinar. Make sure you deliver your logos and graphics to your producer a month in advance to ensure your webinar is customised to your branding during the presentation. Select a background suited to your company theme. You should work with your producer on an introduction with music known as a ‘sting’. Present your name and title in what is known as ‘the lower third’ in suitable font and colours. The more consideration you give your webinar look and feel, the more professional it will appear and this will give you added confidence.
  3. Practice makes perfect. When you have selected your set-up and script practice the delivery of your presentation with someone you are comfortable with. It would be advantage to time the speech. Have someone ask you questions afterwards so you can see how you respond. Remember to smile – look enthusiastic, be animated and enjoy it! Don’t be afraid to express yourself with your hands.
  4. Make sure you are happy before you go live. If something goes wrong on the day – don’t panic – keep calm and carry on! Think how you will tackle difficult questions you are not prepared for. With the guidance of your producer the webinar will run smoothly.


Contact the team at Bombora if you have any questions about presenting for webinars or webinar production in London. We are here to help.