Graphics can help your webinar perform better. We suggest following these tips:

  • Use key visuals
  • Avoid death by powerpoint
  • Make an impact
  • Be original
  • Don’t overuse animation just for the sake of it
  • Ensure good quality
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Should I use graphics in my webinar?

People often ask us here at Bombora whether they should use graphics in their webinars to enhance the creative content.

The simple answer is YES. Graphics can elevate the content and format of your webinar but there are some key dos and don’ts that you have to be aware of to make the content really stand out from the crowd:

  • Use key visuals:

– The opening graphic is often called a sting and it’s the first image or animation that can last up to 5 seconds.

– Lower thirds are used to name people and their job titles.

– Logos are a good way of branding the video and reminding the viewer of what they’re watching

  • Avoid death by powerpoint: don’t bore your audience, replace lengthy text wherever possible with meaningful images or graphics
  • Make an impact: pick the right images or graphics to help your audience understand and remember what you are talking about
  • Be original: create your own unique visuals or graphics where possible and if not, always use copyright free ones
  • Don’t overuse animation just for the sake of it: try to keep it relevant
  • Ensure good quality: to avoid pixilation, make sure all your images are high resolution

Always remember to make your content and graphics reflect your brand values where possible.

Contact us if we can help create webinar graphics for you and do take a look at our sample webinars for examples.