The Do's:
Do send out reminders
Do prepare
Do be early
Do use graphics
Do drink room temperature water
Do dress appropriately

The Don'ts
Don’t wear the wrong clothes
Don’t go over time
Don’t forget to wear makeup
Don’t be boring

The Dos

  • Do send out reminders – We find that sending out reminder emails 1 week before, a day before and an hour before your webinar is effective. Don’t forget to get in touch with your audience after your webinar.
  • Do prepare – Practice your presentation until you are confident with your delivery. Make a point of meeting anyone you might be presenting with.
  • Do be early – Arrive at least an hour before a live webinar. There is a green room to film in and a room to relax in and prepare.
  • Do use graphics –Use more colour and graphics than text on slides.
  • Do drink room temperature water – This is a proven method to help your voice whilst presenting. Keep some in reach during the webinar.
  • Do dress appropriately – A microphone needs to be attached to your clothing (such as a lapel). Keep jewellery to a minimum.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t wear the wrong clothes – Unless you want to be invisible on camera – don’t wear green in a green screen studio. Also avoid complicated patterns or stripes. Shiny material is a bad idea too.
  • Don’t go over time – Make sure it does not overrun – and leave 10-15 minutes for questions.
  • Don’t forget to wear makeup – With the heat and light in the studio makeup can help, so please wear more than usual as the lighting and camera can flatten your features.
  • Don’t be boring! – Don’t forget to show passion, energy and enthusiasm
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